Denver Broncos

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Project Description

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The Challenge

To invite the world to Mile High Stadium to show off the incredible game day experience and passion the Broncos fans have for their team. And to show the value to corporate sponsors of investing with the Broncos.

The Solution

The Laduma creative team generated a bunch of great concepts for the Broncos, but the then Super Bowl champions settled on the idea of creating a game-day experience like never before. Each shot needed to convey the intensity and passion of the fans while also showing assets that a corporate sponsor could benefit from.

The Story

It was game-day in Denver with the New England Patriots in town. Our production team had battled their way through a blizzard 24hrs below, which had grounded flights and blocked roads, to arrive early and in plenty of time to capture the fans streaming towards the stadium and the cheerleaders beginning their preparations. Our crews placed our rigs in tailgate parties, on the field and with legendary former players to capture the essence of what makes being at the game so special.

The Result

The Broncos released the content on their official app which has been downloaded by huge numbers of faithful fans. The NFL team are now using the content as a revenue generating sales tool as they pitch potential sponsors and show some of the largest brands in the world what awaits them at Mile High Stadium.